Ken Proctor


I can do me in three words: Imaginative, Creative, and Industrious.

Or a few more words:

I’m a bit old fashioned, in numerous ways. Old fashioned enough to still hold the door for ladies, old folks, little kids, and anyone with their hands full… because common courtesy never goes out of fashion.

I am old fashioned enough to reach down and pick up the pennies that teenagers drop outside convenience stores… because, as Ben Franklin noted, a penny saved is a penny earned. Besides, bending over never hurt anyone.

Though recently retired, I still rise early to put in a full day, because industry and thrift remain virtues. Dr. Franklin is quoted widely on both topics. As is the Bible. And the final authority, my mom.

And, now, more than you really wanted to know:

After a lifetime of teaching myself to do for myself what others charge an arm and a leg for, I’ve recently discovered U-Tube videos, online. Suddenly, everything you need to know about everything is a few key strokes away. Like installing and finishing drywall. Or installing cabinets and countertops. Or repairing a toilet.

I’ve met many contractors over the years and, as a rule, they are wonderful people. But I decided early in life that, “if they can do it, I probably can, too… just not as fast.” So, one by one, I learned how to install electrical outlets, roofing, windows and doors, concrete, flooring… until, I could build a house from scratch. And have. Again, saving my family many thousands of dollars.

I’ve designed a junior high school, a high school soccer complex, two large churches, and a custom log home. Because I can. I’ve created award winning water features. Because it’s fun. And profitable.

While raising three kids, I always raised a garden, too, beginning with a vacant lot and a few hand tools in Portland, Oregon, right up to today, across the river, in Vancouver, Washington. I’ve often said, “Gardening is my second job… and I’m my own boss.” Since then, I’ve added a fruit orchard and store apple sauce, berry jams, tomatoes, and pears in mason jars to enjoy all year long.

These days, I travel some, read even more, and, of course, write novels. And I’m told I bake the most amazing oatmeal raison cookies. Recipe available, on request.


So much to do, so little time. The Oregon Christian Writer’s Summer Conference is fast approaching and I still have much to do.

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The Bequest

A year's gone by since last July
when we gathered with the kin
to celebrate my father's life
and try to honor him.

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Short Stories

The Magi:
The Three Wise Men's Journey to Christ

The pair had come late to the town. Two weeks they had walked making poor progress on the crowded roads. Their clothing, their hair, even the pores of their exposed skin, were encrusted with the fine dust kicked up by grumpy men, haggard wives, exhausted children, overburdened ox carts, donkeys and asses… all the world was on the move, for all the world was returning to their roots.

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Author Ken Proctor LOVES to write! Ideas for poems, stories, and novels explode in to existence in his creative mind and won’t leave him alone until he gets those ideas on paper. No matter what he’s doing–designing a landscape, talking to his friends, tending his prolific garden, driving down the street–ideas are developing for his latest novel. And beyond those ideas are the real thing. Real books. Novels!

Lovers of archeology, anthropology, animal husbandry, agriculture, botany, earth sciences, astrophysics, geology and Bible history all revel in Ken’s 197,000 word historical fiction novel which gives us fresh views of Noah and his story.

Lovers of humorous fiction enjoy Ken’s series of books about a ninth grade boy as he grows up and learns life’s lessons.

And Ken has more ideas in the works. As we said “Ken LOVES to write!”